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September 8, 2010 by Chykara at 7:50 PM EST

The videos below explain how I made a crochet hat with no needles, just using my fingers. It was really fun to make a hat this way, and my fingers do not cramp up like they normally would with needles. I think if you are looking for a wider gauge but you lack the needle size, fingers will do the job just nicely. The videos show my first attempt, but since then I have made two more hats using this method. One I did while I was at the park! Children may also like doing finger crochet as well since it doesn't involve using a needle only to loose it someplace. Making a hat is the exact same way you would do it without a needle, your just using your fingers, so its really not tough to master. I saw a woman finger crochet using plastic bags, so you definitely should give this a try!

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